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When Do We Eat?

When Do We Eat?

One of the great joys of traveling is experiencing the local cuisine.

Along Lone Star Coastal locally caught seafood is one of many of the abundant varieties of cuisine to be explored.

But, as we learn from the September 2021 issue of Coast Monthly, “There’s a time and a season to enjoy locally caught seafood .”  We excerpt the “what and when” for this post.

Click HERE to read the full story by John Wayne Ferguson.

For everything there is a season, including food that comes from local waters.

If you want to enjoy fresh, locally caught seafood – and who wouldn’t – here’s what you need to know:

Shrimp Season: February to May, July to November

Oysters Season: September through April

Crawfish Season: March to May (and sometimes earlier)

Blue Crab Season: Almost all year

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