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The Lone Star Coastal Tourism content development program is designed to elevate and support the natural resource assets, cultural attractions and historically important places that make the region a unique and vibrant tourism destination. The program will provide a forum for planning and implementation of a tourism strategy for the region, and develop an interactive digital content website platform The tourism strategy will inform and engage local people and inspire prospective visitors in a manner that provides local benefits, is authentic to the place and avoids negative impacts on local communities and landscapes.

Please Teach Us About Your Special Places!

The best travel advice comes from people who live here. Help us create a comprehensive website featuring the attractions and activities most recommended and respected by locals. If you live here, we want to learn – from you – what is so special about your place. Residents, community organizations, tourism stakeholders and local businesses are asked to nominate sites for potential inclusion on the Lone Star Coastal website.

Complete an online Nomination Form and help identify destinations and experiences most distinctive to the people, places and things that – individually and together – create the Lone Star Coastal’s unique character and beauty. These nominations will provide the basis for a website that will tell the story of the Lone Star Coastal region and its attractions.

What are the Guidelines for inclusion on

Criteria for inclusion on the website: Is the spot, attraction, business, activity or experience distinctive to our town, area or region, and is it authentic? Examples may include:

  • Remarkable natural areas and geologic features such as creeks, lakes, bluffs, beaches, wetlands, bayous and forests, rivers or wetlands
  • Distinctive wildlife habitats and notable species of birds, mammals, fish and other marine life, flowers or trees
  • Places featuring local cuisine or agricultural products: farmers markets, shops and restaurants, agri-tourism sites
  • Events, ceremonies, festivals that highlight the community’s heritage, food, music and traditions
  • Cultural experiences: heritage sites, museums, theaters, music, literature and performing arts
  • Artist studios and galleries, craft workshop, shops featuring handmade items from the region
  • Outdoor experiences such as paddling, hiking, biking, bird-watching, hunting, fishing, horseback riding, beaches, swamp tours, water activities or heritage areas
  • Historic places including Texan, Mexican, Spanish, French or Native American sites, distinctive local architecture and infrastructure, such as bridges and landings
  • Scenic routes including hiking trails, bike routes, water ways, birding trails and scenic highways and roads
  • Community stewardship projects, land trusts, conservation or restoration initiatives
  • Locally owned and family businesses like restaurants, pubs, cafés, craft shops, unique lodging
  • Local artists or artisans, storytellers, outdoor guides and historians
  • Legends, stories or other unique aspects of the region

Once you identify a potential site, please share with us what makes the site unique:

  • What story does this site or experience help tell?
  • Are there significant historic, cultural or natural features associated with the site?
  • Is it under-appreciated by local residents and visitors, or is it already crowded or at capacity?
  • Does the site offer a unique experience? Is there local awareness and pride in this place?
  • Do the community and local businesses benefit from and support visitation at the site?
  • Is interpretative or educational information available at the site?

To Nominate

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