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Kayak Rentals

The Kayaks we use are Ocean Kayaks Malibu twos, Ocean Kayak Malibu two XLs, and Ocean Kayak Frenzys.   They come in single or tandem (2 person) Kayaks. We generally rent our kayaks for use in Taylor Lake or on our specified Self Guided Kayak Tours. We do not allow customers to transport our equipment themselves.

SUP Rentals
Our Stand Up Paddleboards can be rented for use in Taylor Lake. We have a few styles in stock.  They generally hold a capacity of up to 225 pounds.  Our SUPs are available for events, group rates, and hourly rates. We do not let customers transport our equipment to other locations.

One of our main passions and a driving force to Pinky’s Kayak Rental is a love of nature.  We know there are a lot of other people who love the outdoors as well and that’s why we rent kayaks on the bayou.  What better way is there to experience and see the assortment of wildlife than to be on the actual bayou itself.  There is something about nature that balances people and you can tell those who don’t get enough out of it.  We reconnect with nature everyday and we want our customers to do the same.  Take some time for yourself and your family, and connect with nature.  You may just find that it is the perfect medicine.

Learning about nature can be fun, and in such a large state such as Texas it can be a challenge.  The best part of learning about the wildlife in an area is that when you go out into the wild, you then know what things are.  Sharing your knowledge with others will help preserve our natural wildlife for generations to come.  Just by teaching others what you’ve learned may make an impact in someones life and lead them on a journey of discovery.  Taking a kayak tour is a way to hone your skills and test your knowledge.  It is also a great way to just relax and see things that you normally don’t see with the hustle and bustle of city life.

Please check out some of our quizzes in the sub menu and challenge yourself or send a link to a friend and challenge them.  Compete and see who can get the best score.

We take a lot of photos of the wildlife in the area.  We are not the only ones who have a great appreciation of our area.  Check out some of the awesome photos that we have favorited from other photographers in the area, and check out some of ours as well.


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