Whether you’re wading, drifting, sunning or partying, we are the shop with the most on the coast. We have quality brands for any occasion on or off the water. Don’t get stuck out on the water without clothing to protect you from the sun. Or show up at an event without the perfect shirt to show your coastal pride. Matagorda Outfitters has all your needs taken care of.

Matagorda Outfitters was built around providing a one of a kind retail experience in a small coastal town. What we quickly came to realize that Matagorda Outfitters is but a small piece of a larger experience of Matagorda for every visitor. Our shop was overwhelmed with support and love from locals and tourists alike and we soon realized what a strong community we had chosen to become a staple in. One thing became extremely apparent form the beginning…people love Matagorda.

It’s a community. It’s a Lifestyle. Daily we would hear guest come in and say “Gorda is my escape”, “Gorda is my home”, “Gorda is our favorite vacation spot”. We wanted to embrace this passion for a small quiet, coastal town…and thus the GORDA line was born from Matagorda Outfitters.

Whether you’re wading East Bay, stalking the flats, deep dropping the deep blue or sunbathing on the beach, Matagorda offers memories that will last a lifetime.

Our goal is to be a central part of those memories. Inspired by a simple concept; to provide a unique retail experience that focuses on quality brand partners and always put our customer’s experience first, Matagorda Outfitters was born.


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