La Petite Belle is a half scale seaworthy reproduction of Rene-Robert Cavelier’s ship LaBelle and is located in Palacios, TX on Tres Palacios and Matagorda Bays. The vessel is 30 feet long 8 feet wide and displaces about 15,000 lbs. La Petite Belle is part of the LaSalle Odyssey.

The stated mission is to:

* Build a tourist attraction for Palacios
* Serve as an ambassador for Palacios
* Establish the Palacios claim on this historic event
* Compliment the La Salle exhibit at the museum.
* La Salle Odyssey Destination (Texas Historical Commission)
* Icon for historic education on LaSalle and his expedition
* Project an image of sailing vessels of the time.

The Museum can be found at 401 Commerce Street in the historic R. J. Hill Building, located in the heart of Palacios, Texas.

La Petite Belle is located at South Bay Marina next to the Palacios Educational Pavilion.

The Museum is open from 12:30 p.m.-5:30 p.m. Tuesday-Friday. Closed on Sunday & Monday.

General Admission to the Museum iS $5. Admission for children and museum members are free.


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