Located 8 miles west of Freeport, the Justin Hurst WMA includes 15,612 acres of upland hardwood, upland prairie, and fresh and salt water marshes, acquired since 1986 with funds provided by the Texas Waterfowl Hunting Stamp and as mitigation lands for the loss of wildlife habitat. The Justin Hurst WMA is representative of the Gulf Coast Prairies and Marshes Ecoregion which encompasses approximately 15,000 square miles of Texas. Soils are primarily clays ranging from saline to non-saline. The land is nearly level and poorly drained. Elevation is generally 5 feet or less above mean sea level with a few areas 10 feet or more above sea level. Summers are hot and humid. Rain occurs throughout the year with 60% falling between April and September. Average annual rainfall is 52 inches.

The WMA has two trails on the Main Unit as you enter the area off Highway 36. The first trail consists of a half mile of pavement and the other trails is 2.5 miles of unimproved paths through a wetland area. They are great for hiking, biking, and nature watching.


The Jones Creek and Live Oak Nature Loops are open year round. Portions of the Justin Hurst WMA are open for Special Permit hunts and scheduled tours. Contact the Assistant Area Manager for specific dates.

Please note:
Bring your own drinking water.
There are no restroom facilities.
The Live Oak Loop nature trail at the Main Unit is wheelchair accessible.


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