The Hudson Woods Unit has miles of trails that wind through 1,000 acres of old growth forest and willow swamp. Scoby Lake Trail is almost two miles long and people enjoy the natural beauty of an old bottomland forest.

Scoby Lake Trail (Length: 1.4 mile loop)
This trail skirts the woodlands and riparian vegetation around Scoby Lake, an old oxbow of nearby Oyster Creek. It features two observation platforms, one with an accessible section of boardwalk that connects you to the parking area.

Oyster Creek Trail (Length: 2.7 mile loop)
Connecting the Scoby Lake trail to the Live Oak Trail via the banks of Oyster Creek, this mowed trail goes through bottomland forests that are in different stages of succession.

Live Oak Trail (Length: 1.8 mile loop)
As its name suggests, mature live oaks dominate the scenery along this path. It meanders through the upper portion of the property and by the Discovery Outpost.

It is actually part of the San Bernard National Wildlife Refuge System but not located on the refuge.


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