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<strong>Enjoying the Great Outdoors on the Upper Texas Coast</strong>

Enjoying the Great Outdoors on the Upper Texas Coast

Enjoying the great outdoors on the Upper Texas Coast is good for your health.

Fun Fact: Studies show that being outside in nature relaxes us and reduces our stress and cortisol levels, muscle tension, and heart rates. While June is National Great Outdoors Month, don’t you think you should enjoy the “great outdoors” year-round? We have some ideas for enjoying the great outdoors on the Upper Texas Coast.  

Kayaking on the Upper Texas Coast

The Upper Texas Coast is generally kayak-friendly year-round. Put these spots on your list: 

Fishing on the Upper Texas Coast

Did someone say fishing? The Upper Texas Gulf Coast offers great fishing spots for anglers to enjoy. Find a pier, rent a johnboat or kayak, or book a fishing charter with a guide. For more experienced fishermen, you can also find guides specializing in fly fishing.  

Bookmark, download, and scan our Balancing Act Trip Adventure and see our kayaking and fishing blog for more ideas on exploring the Upper Texas Coast. 

About Lone Star Coastal Alliance

The Lone Star Coastal Alliance is a 501(c)3 created to preserve and promote the upper Texas Gulf Coast region in a manner that enhances coastal resilience while fostering economic development focused on conservation and tourism, elevating the unique natural, cultural, and historical assets of the region and benefitting quality of life within the communities. 

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