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Artist Boat Eco Art Camp – March Dates

Artist Boat Eco Art Camp – March Dates

Artist Boat Eco Art Camp – March Dates

SPRING BREAK Eco Art Camp 2021

Art meets science in Artist Boat’s 2021 Spring Break camp sessions! Campers will experience true science and art enrichment with the creation of Eco-Art. Each camper will create high quality art projects, which illustrate all that they have learned throughout camp. Each day is free standing. Come for one or come for all!


·       To register go to

·       Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics enrichment

·       High quality art projects

·       Sessions limited to 10 campers

·       Camp sessions are $70

·       Ages: 5 to 10

·       Campers must bring lunch/snacks


9:00 am – 4:00 pm

Monday, March 15th  Fish Frenzy – Get your hands fishy with fish printing. Take home colorful prints from real fish caught in the Bay.

Tuesday, March 16th  Whale of a Time – Why do whale flukes make such a big splash? Sculpt your own whale fluke from clay.

Wednesday, March 17th   Shark Mania – Learn about the sharks that live in the Gulf of Mexico and take your own shark home in the form of a canvas painting.

Thursday, March 18th    Off the Deep End – Get familiar with the creatures of the deep ocean and create your own bioluminescent painting. It glows in the dark!

Friday, March 19th   Invertebrates – Slugs in the ocean? Discover how nudribranchs live and take one home as a pet in the form of a clay sculpture.

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