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Family owned Vietnamese-Asian Cuisine Restaurant

Family Style · Asian Fusion Restaurant · Pho

Authentic Vietnamese – Asian cuisine in Palacios which has a very special history and present with the local Vietnamese community.

In 1975 when Saigon, the Capital of U.S. backed South Vietnam, fell to Communist North Vietnam many South Vietnamese fled by either boat or plane to the United States. Many Vietnamese families were sponsored by churches, companies and citizens. After living with their sponsors many migrated to the southern part of the Unites states due to job opportunities, warmer weather or to be closer to family. The Vietnamese that came to Palacios, Texas worked in the shrimping and crabbing industry. Today the Vietnamese fisherman lead the largest fleet of shrimp boats on the Texas Gulf Coast that are docked at the picturesque and friendly small town. Over the years the Vietnamese have been active entrepreneurs in Palacios opening shops and restaurants. While being successfully woven into the fabric of the community they have retained their traditions, culture and identity

1009 Henderson Ave, Palacios, TX 77465