Spring Bird Migration Events Nature or Outdoor Event, See All

  • Event date: 03/01/2022
  • Event end: 06/01/2022

Spring migration is beginning in Texas! We’ll see as many of 25% of the world’s migrating birds cross the state from approximately March 1 to June 1. Approximately 1 of every 3 birds migrating through the U.S. in spring, and 1 of every 4 bird migrating through the U.S. in the fall, or nearly two billion birds, pass through Texas

Search the OUTDOOR ADVENTURE section of ExploreLoneStarCoastal.com for information about the world class birding locations along the middle and upper Texas coats where you can observe the migration through our region.

Texan by Nature, founded by former First Lady, Laura Bush is helping by spreading the word on turning lights out at night. Earlier this year they took a leadership role in coordinating the effort across Texas. They’re currently coordinating over 30 organizations in consistent messaging and volunteer efforts across Texas to turn lights out during migration, and have reached out to 600+ corporate entities for participation

Texan by Nature brings conservation and business together to protect what we love most about the Lone Star State.

The Lights Out Texas effort will protect migrating birds by turning off all non-essential lights during the critical peak spring migration period from April 19 – May 7. Each night and each light turned out helps save migrating birds by reducing collisions with brightly lit buildings. By committing to turn out lights and encouraging others to join Texas by Nature can set a standard for the world.

Photos Courtesy Bob Howen Photography