The historic Galveston Seawall is a 17-foot high barrier that runs 10 miles along the Gulf Coast shoreline. It is a busy site for shops, restaurants, bars and beachgoers—a great place to walk or people watch! Look out for the 70 benches with hand painted tiles that interpret the ecology, economy, and history of the Texas Coast.

The seawall was first built in 1902 after a devastating hurricane wiped out much of Galveston city and killed 6000 people. To prevent future flood damage, the city undertook a major infrastructure project. Buildings were jacked up and the surface of the entire city upgraded, increasing the elevation to up to 12 feet above sea level. And to shield against high waves, the solid concrete Seawall was built along the Gulf shore of the island.

Seawall Blvd, Galveston, TX 77550