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The Brazoria National Wildlife Refuge is an extensive 43,000-acre refuge with a varied habitat of salt grass prairies, mud flats, fresh and saltwater marshes and lakes, and salt cedars. These habitats make it a favorite for many species of coastal and migratory birds. Meanwhile, an auto tour, boardwalks, and air conditioned discovery center make it a favorite for Texas birders. Areas on the refuge to explore: Big Slough Boardwalk & Trail, Cox Lake Trail, Otter Slough Trail, Salt Lake Public Fishing Area, Teal Pond, Olney Pond, and Rogers Pond. Combined they make for one of the best waterfowl viewing sites on the Texas coast. During the winter months geese, ducks and sandhill cranes fill the ponds and sloughs. Open daily from sunrise to sunset. Great for kayaking.

Big Slough Boardwalk & Trail (Length: 0.6 miles)
The boardwalk over the slough provides a close encounter with a marsh crowned with cattail and bulrush and offers renowned wildlife viewing and photography opportunities. Benches offer a great place to rest and quietly observe wildlife. Visitors can take the full loop that passes by an observation platform over Big Slough or one of the three shorter loops through the shady thickets.

Big Slough Auto Tour (Length: 7.5 miles)
For the best birding and nature observation, follow the 7.5-mile auto tour on the well-maintained, gravel road. A self-guided auto tour CD and brochure is available at the Information Pavilion and Discovery Center. Cars make good observation blinds so drive slowly. Visit one of the salt marsh observation decks at Cross Trails to investigate the salt marsh, its birds and tiny aquatic creatures. Teal and Rogers Pond observation platforms offer panoramic views of waterfowl congregations, especially flocks of snow geese in December and January.  *The auto tour is also a great place to enjoy wildlife while biking.

Cox Lake Trail (Length: 0.6 miles)
This short trail provides visitors with opportunities to view wildlife in a fresh water slough, salt grass prairie and salt water lake. It starts at Big Slough and meanders through the salt cedars to the Maddox Monument and Cox Lake and back to the parking lot.

The physical address of the Brazoria National Wildlife Refuge is 2022 County Road 227, Freeport, Texas 77541

24907 FM 2004, Holiday Lakes, TX 77515