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Exploring the Upper Texas Coast

Exploring the Upper Texas Coast

When people think about exploring Texas as part of a road trip, they often think about Big Bend, the Hill Country, or even the Panhandle. Have you thought about exploring the Upper Texas Coast? Lone Star Coastal Alliance is focused on making those travel plans a little easier. 

Three of the nation’s top 10 Christmas bird count locations are in this region, as are significant historic districts from the Victorian Era, right alongside our nation’s energy story – from the discovery of oil at Spindletop that changed the world to nuclear, wind, and solar that are leading the energy transition. Historic sites representing the six national flags flown over Texas stand with miles and miles of amazing places to fish, kayak, paddleboard, and otherwise enjoy nature. Foodies will love exploring local picks for barbecue or oysters. Or plan ahead for festivals and holiday events in the Upper Texas Coast. 

Here’s just a sampling of things you can only tour in the Upper Texas Coast:

Cities like Beaumont or Palacios make a great start to a weeklong tour through this varied region. This is a tiny glimpse of things to do in the Lone Star Coastal region along the Upper Texas Coast. Stay tuned for more exploration ideas for Jefferson, Galveston, Brazoria, and Matagorda Counties.

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