San Bernard National Wildlife Refuge Auto Tour Route and Hiking Trails

San Bernard National Wildlife Refuge Auto Tour Route and Hiking Trails


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This unit of the San Bernard NWR includes the Cocklebur Slough auto-tour loop, the Cow Trap Marsh Trail, Bobcat Woods Trail, and Scissor-tailed Trails.

Bobcat Woods Boardwalk & Trail (Length: 1.5 miles)
This boardwalk and trail along Cocklebur Slough provide exciting wildlife watching opportunities. Under a woodland canopy, stroll on the boardwalk or sit and watch the wildlife come to you. Migrating song birds fly about while lizards and tree frogs skitter up branches or under leaves. The boardwalk leads to an observation platform and the Wolfweed Wetland Complex.

San Bernard Auto Tour (Length: 9.4 miles)
The auto tour, which includes the three-mile Moccasin Pond Loop, offers visitors an excellent opportunity to see wildlife in a diversity of habitats — from forested edge to fresh water ponds to salt marshes. Watch for bobcats trotting across the road, alligators sunning on the banks, and songbirds flitting in the trees. Moccasin Pond Loop provides an observation platform for waterfowl and wading birds.  *The auto tour is also a great place to enjoy wildlife while biking.
Auto Tour Map

Cowtrap Marsh Trail (Length: 2.5 miles round trip)
This levee trail traverses high, intermediate and low marsh zones. Flocks of ibis and other wading birds, waterfowl and elusive rails can be found in the marsh that appears to stretch for miles. In the winter the air is filled with the honking of thousands of snow geese.

San Bernard Oak Trail (Length: 1.5 miles round trip)
Experience a wonderful interpretive hike to the largest live oak in Texas. The combination mowed path and elevated boardwalk meander through peaceful forested wetlands surrounded by majestic mature live oaks and pecans.
Map and interpretive information

Scissor-tailed Trail (Length: 0.8 mile)
This loop follows the edge of the forest where Cocklebur Slough flows into the marsh. This area attracts resident and migrating songbirds moving about looking for food, and has a lot of activity during spring migration.

Cedar Lakes Creek Trail (Length: 0.6 miles round trip)
This trail takes you along the banks of a tidal slough, Cedar Lakes Creek, weaving in and out of the riparian vegetation. It provides ample opportunities for bank fishing along the creek as well.

Betty Brown Trail (Length: 0.36 mile loop)
Taking you into the dense vegetation along the San Bernard River, this trail provides a glimpse of wildlife habitat in the riparian floodplain of the refuge’s namesake.

Little Slough Trail (Length: 0.6 miles round trip)
Starting from the Complex Office parking lot, this trail borders a forested pothole that attracts wildlife year-round.

Cedar Lakes Creek Paddling Trail (Length: 0.6 miles round trip)
This water trail follows the meanders of a tidal slough, Cedar Lakes Creek. A boat launch and courtesy dock are provided at the end of the refuge entrance road.

Dow Woods Trails
Directions: These trails can be found about one mile north of the intersection of FM2004 and CR288 in Lake Jackson.  Download the map.

Tveten Trail (Length: 0.9 mile loop)
This accessible trail takes you to the banks of Bastrop Bayou. It meanders through the riparian zone and emerges amongst mature live oaks in the floodplain. See basking turtles in the Bayou, or scan the forest for migrating songbirds.

Bayou Loop (Length: 1.5 mile loop)
Follow this gravel trail along an upper reach of Bastrop Bayou while enjoying a more remote outing. Stop at the observation platform to listen for wintering wood ducks, watch for white-tailed deer, and open your senses to the natural world in this part of the floodplain forest.

The Dow Woods Unit has public restrooms, as well as an environmental education pavilion used for special events.

Hudson Woods Trails
Directions: The trails can be found 0.2 miles north of the intersection of Sally Lake Road and FM 521 and 0.5 mile north of Hwy 35 west of Angleton.  Download the map.

Scoby Lake Trail (Length: 1.4 mile loop)
This trail skirts the woodlands and riparian vegetation around Scoby Lake, an old oxbow of nearby Oyster Creek. It features two observation platforms, one with an accessible section of boardwalk that connects you to the parking area.

Oyster Creek Trail (Length: 2.7 mile loop)
Connecting the Scoby Lake trail to the Live Oak Trail via the banks of Oyster Creek, this mowed trail goes through bottomland forests that are in different stages of succession.

Live Oak Trail (Length: 1.8 mile loop)
As its name suggests, mature live oaks dominate the scenery along this path. It meanders through the upper portion of the property and by the Discovery Outpost.

The Hudson Woods Unit contains restrooms available to the public at the entrance/parking area, and near the Discovery Outpost. The Discovery Outpost is used for environmental education activities and special events.


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